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Nottinghamshire Family History Society Research Help

Tracing your family tree can be fascinating though it can also be a time consuming and complex process.

The first steps are to read an introductory book and to find out as much as possible about your family from relatives.  Nottinghamshire Archives is the main centre for family history research in the county.  Many County Libraries also have a wide range of source material.  A Finding List for Family Historians: Nottinghamshire Parish & Denominational Registers is available for purchase from the Archives, or by post from the Nottinghamshire Family History Society, or through this website in the Shop.


To help you with your research the Nottinghamshire Family History Society has for sale through this website in the Shop:


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In the Shop / Search section searches can be carried out on the following or download a Postal form.

Nottinghamshire Parish Records Marriages Over 346,000 Marriages Postal form.
Nottinghamshire Parish Records Baptisms Over 994,750 Baptisms Postal form.
Nottinghamshire Parish Records Burials Over 626,750 Burials Postal form.


In the Shop / CD's

Nottinghamshire Census, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials on CD.
Many other CDs for sale.


Paishes covered on our CDs

An up to date list of the Parishes Registers transcribed or indexed.



A list of Abbreviations used in the census.


Map of Nottinghamshire Parishes

Parish Map Down load (Zip file 485KB )